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Land Management




3 semesters



ECTS points



The graduate acquires the necessary knowledge and skills in: organization of management processes, real estate appraisal and management, conceptualization and planning of sustainable development of real estates, and shaping the spatial environment surrounding people in accordance with their needs conditioned by group polarization and mutual competition, civilization demands, technological possibilities and spatial order principles. The graduate is able to formulate and construct models of spatial and economic phenomena; understands the essence of an organization and mechanisms is it affected by; knows the rules, regularities and instruments applied in management, is able to describe and analyze problems related to management, has knowledge of conditions, methods and instruments related to the regional policy of the state, region and the EU, can evaluate the land development planning context of a real estate; is able to apply the basic marketing tools for promotion of towns and regions, and knows the basic laws which govern land management; the graduate can analyze long-term trends in management processes and is able to estimate different kinds of value depending on the object and purpose of the appraisal; the graduate can apply the basic feasibility analysis tools in real estate investments and formulate adequate conclusions; knows the methods and techniques for financing an investment project concerning a real estate and can point to the key factors which determine the expected costs and future value of a real estate property; can estimate the level of taxes and fees imposed for various purposes on real estate properties; knows current concepts in real estate turnover and can define the role of a realtor on the real estate market and a manager in the process of real estate management; has an ability to analyze management systems on a micro- (a real estate), meso- (small land resources) and macro-scale (large resources) under the framework of sustainable development; can identify and evaluate economic and social effects of particular processes involved in land and real estate management; has an ability to create algorithms in the real estate development process; can apply the fundamental knowledge of land infrastructure information. The graduate is prepared: to assess the value of a right to a real estate; to predict and simulate different variants of land development using specialist models for this purpose; to serve as an advisor competent to create public and private cooperation; to solve spatial management conflicts or disputes arising in regional cooperation; to prepare strategies, plans and programmes aiming at enhancing the competitiveness of real estates and land resources; to manage the land and land development, including management of towns, communities, districts and provinces; to work out analyses and to undertake actions to ensure profitable and successful investment into real estate properties. The graduate is prepared to work in: companies involved in real estate management, including the ones which deal with real estate and investment appraisal, in development agencies, consulting and advisory companies, business environment firms, in own company providing advice in the real estate business sector, in research and R&D institutions dealing with real estates, in local and state government administration, in institutions disseminating knowledge on real estate and land management, and in the EU institutions and agencies. The graduate is prepared to undertake the third-cycle (PhD) studies and to pursue research work.


4200 PLN per semester


14 February 2017


Office for International Cooperation
Tel. (48 89) 523 39 26
Fax: (48 89) 524 04 94
e-mail: [email protected]




The Faculty of Geodesy, Geospatial and Civil Engineering

education requirements

All requirements you will find here: http://www.uwm.edu.pl/bwz/en/?page_id=3454

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