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Medical Biology


BSc in Biology


6 semesters



ECTS points



The graduate has the skills and knowledge required for handling biological materials in research and analytical laboratories, has a theoretical and practical knowledge necessary for designing and performing basic biological procedures, has a fundamental knowledge in basic fields of biology, understands basic natural phenomena and correlations between environmental components. The graduate can plan and perform field studies aiming to identify plants and animals as well as basic tasks related to environmental protection and nature conservation. The graduate has a pro-active attitude towards learning and solving scientific and practical problems in biology, has a fundamental knowledge of biology, observes health and safety regulations in laboratories, has a teamwork and organizational skills, can collaborate with experts from all relevant fields. The graduate is creative and has self-study skills, is able to share the acquired knowledge with the public, is ready to start a career or pursue a Master's degree. The Medical Biology graduate has knowledge of human physiology and understands the relationships between and the regulation of human physiological processes, is able to define and describe biochemical and physiological processes in the human body at the molecular, cellular, tissue and organ level. He/she has knowledge of basic methods of molecular detection, genetic engineering, diagnostic parasitology, mycology, toxicology and microbiology. He/she is familiar with basic methods of health status assessment, with basic psychological and social concepts and mechanisms related to health and health protection, with the basic principles of health and healthy lifestyle promotion, with legal, organizational and ethical principles in biological research, with basic equipment and instruments used in biomedical laboratories. He/she understands basic work principles in medical laboratories and is able to operate basic equipment and instruments applied in biomedical research. He/she maintains the required level of physical fitness for performing professional tasks relevant to the field of study, shows respect for patients, clients and social groups, and demonstrates concern for their welfare. He/she uses correct nomenclature in the field of medical biology. He/she is familiar with the general principles of entrepreneurship in the field of natural sciences and medical biology and is able to handle and work safely with biological materials. The graduate can cooperate with certified experts in medical analysis and diagnosis and can participate in research involving biological materials.


15 000 PLN per semester


30 June 2017


Office for International Cooperation
Tel. (48 89) 523 39 26
Fax: (48 89) 524 04 94
e-mail: [email protected]




Faculty of Biology and Biotechnology

education requirements

All requirements you will find here: http://www.uwm.edu.pl/bwz/en/?page_id=3454