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BA in English Philology


BA in English Philology


3 years (6 semesters)



ECTS points



In a multi-lingual and multi-cultural world, the Vistula University Department of Philology aims to provide young philologists with the superior scientific qualifications that will assist them in their future professional careers. Philology is a multi-level discipline which has many aspects, from the restoration of texts to their thorough interpretation. It offers a great breadth and variety, distinction and diversity as the texts it studies; however, in terms of methodology it is uniform and founded upon the theory of artistic speech, literature and the history of ideas.
The undergraduate Program in English Philology provides comprehensive training in all areas of English Language studies. Course work is offered in Grammar, advanced literature, historical periods, important authors and literary movements, literary theory and linguistics. All students develop a broad competence in general topics of English language philology before moving to a more specialized knowledge of a single area or topic.
Philology students at Vistula University study Spanish, Italian, German, Turkish or Chinese as the second compulsory language. Those wishing to receive a Teaching Certificate are offered special courses in order to become teachers of English. All courses are organized in full accordance with Common European Framework of References for Languages elaborated by the Council of Europe.


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Address: Stoklosy 3 (Stoklosy Metro Station)
02-787 Warsaw, Poland
Phone: + 48 22 457 23 16
Fax: + 48 22 457 23 03
E-mail: [email protected]




Vistula University

education requirements

Candidates holding secondary school certificate may apply for admission to the Bachelor programs. A certificate of proficiency in English for foreigners is required (unless secondary school general language of instruction was English). Filled out application form; scan or copy of ID/ passport (page with photo and personal data).

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