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Ягеллонский университет в Кракове

address: ул. Gołębia 24, каб. 19
31-007 Краков, Польша
phone: +48 12 663 14 01
14 08, 14 41, 14 81
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Master in European Studies (with the University of Vienna)


MA in European Studies


2 years




Description: This programme is based on bilateral exchange of students with the aim of awarding a double degree – the Master in European Studies. The specific aim of this programme is to offer European Studies students a broad analytical perspective on political, cultural and economic developments within the Central Europe, the enlarging European Union and a globalising world.
1. Curriculum: The programme has to be taken at both institutions. It consists of the following modules:
Europe as a legal and political area
Europe as an economic network
Europe as an area of knowledge
Europe in the international system
Minorities, migration, and human rights in Europe
Europe and its identities
Foreign languages module
Seminar accompanying the master thesis (compulsory course in the final semester of the programme)
2. Assessment methods and master’s thesis:
The master’s thesis is to be submitted in English. Final Master’s examination takes place at both institutions in accordance with their home regulations. In the final semester, each participant submits a master’s thesis, which can be supervised by a faculty member of one of the partner institutions according to student’s preference. The master’s examination is the last examination of the programme.
4. Academic degree: On successfully completing this programme, the participant is awarded the double degree of Master of European Studies from the University of Vienna and the title of magister from the Jagiellonian University, which is equivalent to the Master’s degree.


Please, contact the Unit.


Please, contact the Unit.


Language: English, German


Institute of European Studies
[email protected] ul. Jodłowa 13 30-252 Kraków Phone +48 12 664 74 09 +48 12 664 74 11 +48 12 664 74 15 Fax +48 12 429 70 52




Institute of European Studies

education requirements

In order to be accepted to this programme, the participant must be a second year Master’s student of the Jagiellonian University Institute of European Studies or a student of the University of Vienna European Studies Post-Graduate Programme who will graduate during the final semester of the programme. Students willing to apply for this Double Master’s Degree Programme are kindly asked to submit their applications to Dr Grzegorz Pożarlik ([email protected]) until 1 September of every academic year. Applications should consist of: a request of admission to the programme, CV, letter(s) of reference, English and German language certificates. A list of students admitted into the programme will be announced upon review of applications up until 10 September of the respective academic year.