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BSc in Computer Science & Computer Engineering


BSc in Computer Science


Computer Sciences: 3 years (6 semesters) / Computer Engineering: 3,5 years (7 semesters)



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This is the age of information and technology which are inseparably intertwined and feed on each other to grow and conquer all forms of human enterprise. Program of BSc in Computer Sciences and Computer Engineering offers opportunity for bright young minds to excel in the areas of information technology, computer software and computer hardware.
We believe that neither theory nor practice alone is enough in teaching Computer Science. Therefore, our courses are based on balance of theory and practice. It is set up so that students gain a thorough understanding of the, subjects and courses. Our graduates acquire excellent skills in, computer systems, software design and programming, operating and maintenance of hardware, as well as administering and management of networks.
Students who successfully complete undergraduate studies are entitled to continue their education in our Master’s Degree program in the field of Applications of Computer Technologies in Economics.
Study program run on basis of close cooperation with business and industry under “Cooperative Education” – a pioneer project in Poland that aims at full integration of business and higher education, above all else by means of the following actions: restructuring the syllabi to answer future market needs, engaging market experts and specialist in preparing course contents and active participation in teaching process, dedicated internship and training programs, common realization of market research, study tours, summer schools, seminars, symposia, workshops, etc.


Contact the Unit


Contact the Unit


Address: Stoklosy 3
(Stoklosy Metro Station)
02-787 Warsaw, Poland
Phone: + 48 22 457 23 16
Fax: + 48 22 457 23 03
E-mail: [email protected]




Vistula University

education requirements

Education requirements Candidates holding secondary school certificate may apply for admission to the Bachelor programs. A certificate of proficiency in English for foreigners is required (unless secondary school general language of instruction was English). Filled out application form; scan or copy of ID/ passport (page with photo and personal data).


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