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BSc Modern Mechatronics


Bachelor of Science


7 semesters (BSc)



ECTS points

210 (BSc)


Graduates obtain a knowledge of mechanics rules and skills necessary to understand the issues concerning the construction, manufacturing and maintenance machines, are able to design with modern computational tools. Graduates are prepared to implement the processes of manufacture, assembly and optimal operation of machines and technical equipment and modernization. They are able to efficiently use computer techniques. They also receive a fundamental knowledge in the area of management and economics, especially useful when running your own business. Graduates are prepared to work in many industries, especially in machine building industry, as well as design companies and other administrative and educational enterprises.
Subjects in English:
Control Theory I, Digital Systems Processing, Surface Engineering, Physical Fundamentals of Laser and Plasma Technologies, Web Programming, Laser Material Processing, Metrology, Techniques of Production, Operational Research, Circuits and Signals, Data Bases, Discrete Mathematics, Discrete Processes, Experimental Mechanics, Fluid Mechanics, Fundamentals of Machinery Design, General Mechanics, Principles of Material Science, Methods of Discrete Analysis of Structure, Some Aspects of Materials Strenght, The Theory if Machines and Mechanisms, The Theory of Vibrations and Machine Dynamics, Thermodynamics, Advanced English, Technical English, Humanistic Course “History of Music”.


2000 EURO per year


See the University website: www.tu.kielce.pl


Faculty of Mechatronics and Machine Design
Kielce University of Technology
al. Tysiąclecia Państwa Polskiego 7
25-314 Kielce, Poland
Phone: +48 41 34 24 513
Fax: +48 41 34 48 698
e-mail: [email protected]; [email protected]




Kielce University of Technology

education requirements

Secondary School Certificate

other requirements

Other requirements: English language – level B2 (Common European Framework)