They are building bridges between the cultures

Colett Neumann from Germany, Hoh Hong Huat from Malaysia, Alona Nad from Ukraine and Abnoos Moslehi from Iran are the winners of the 3rd INTERSTUDENT Competition- the competition for the best international students in Poland organized as a part of the ‘Study in Poland’ program. The INTERSTUDENT Competition is organized under the honorary patronage of Professor Wiesław Banyś, President of the Conference of Rectors of Academic Schools in Poland (CRASP).

The laureates of the Interstudent 2012 Competition
From the left: Alona Nad, Abnoos Moslehi, Hoh Hong Huat, Colett Neumann

There are more and more international students choosing Poland as their education destination- currently the group constitutes of over 24 thousand students. They became an integral, yet not always appreciated part of Polish academic environment. The INTERSTUDENT competition is a first initiative of this kind in Poland, fully concentrating on the international student community.

The competition is aimed at the international students studying at Polish Higher Education Institutions on the Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctoral levels. Both foreign students and students with dual citizenship ale eligible to apply. Students should be able to prove their activity at the cultural, social, ecological or sport levels. They should be able to demonstrate behaviors promoting the ideas of multiculturalism maintain good academic achievements and inspire others with their input in the shape of the local community.

The jury consisting of Prof. Zofia Wysokinska (University of Lodz), Robert Kilianczyk - National PhD Representation (Krajowa Reprezentacja Doktorantów), Piotr Műller (The Parliament of the Students of the Republic of Poland) and Waldemar Siwinski (President of ‘Perspektywy’ Education Foundation), after familiarizing with 55 submissions have chosen to award the following students in four categories:

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- I am certain the international students will increase their impact on the shape of the Polish Higher Education System – says Waldemar Siwiński, the President of Perspektywy Education Foundation. - There is currently over 4 million international students worldwide. 24 thousand of them study in Poland. It is not much, however thanks to programs like ‘Study in Poland” the numbers will be increasing year by year. All of the above will lead to the internationalization of the student body and the growth of cultural diversity in our academic environment.

The awards recieved by the laureates included:

Founders awards