Paweł Juszkiewicz

Paweł Juszkiewicz

Paweł Juszkiewicz is the winner of the Special Prize, a student of pedagogy at the University of Nicolaus Copernicus recommended by Students Self-government of UMK.

Paweł Juszkiewicz came to Poland in 2003 and has completed an impressive file of activities.

He was actively engaged in the activities of student organizations, won prizes and awards, initiated many cultural and social issues.

- If I were to describe Paweł briefly, certainly I would say that he is a hardworking optimist, full of self-confidence. Besides being very open and very positive he is also very modest – says Hubert Pińczak, President of the Student Self-government of UMK. - You can talk to him about anything, freely and very frankly. These features are the reason of his success in college and in society.

Paweł Juszkiewicz asked why he chose to study in Poland, replied that he always dreamed of studying abroad, because it represented the ideals of the Enlightenment. - As a seventeen – I felt dissatisfaction with the political situation in my country. It is true that it was difficult to me to justify those feelings then, but frequent visits to Poland in the high school years gave me some basis for comparison. Not without significance was also my Polish heritage, and getting to know Poland assured me that communicating would not cause me much difficulty. Mastering the language of science, which I use at the university, gave me no problem, but I had to work on it. As regards to the comparison of studies in Poland, to my home - Belarus, I must say that I never studied in Belarus. Conversations with my friends, show that the differences are enormous. Our system of higher education is strongly associated with the Soviet tradition and does not differ much from the school rules. Work is often imposed by force, and the students themselves have little to say. Though there are Students Self-governments, they are not actually autonomous, and the ideas are subjected to severe censorship of university authorities. In Poland it is quite different. The university expects great maturity from the students, acting alone, and the exam session is always a verifier.

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