Anna Sugiyama

Anna Sugiyama

political science student at the University of Warsaw, recommended by Dr. Adam Szymanski – at the Masters level

Anna Sugiyama is a 25-year-old Japanese woman who decided to get a master's degree in political science at Warsaw University. Her parents gave her an European name, because they were always interested in the Old Continent. After completing undergraduate studies in religious and philosophical studies at the International Christian University in Tokyo, Anna was a secretary for a year. Probably she would be one now, if it weren’t fo ... good memories of staying at the annual inter-university exchanges in Czech Republic. It was then that Anna fell in love with the culture and history of the Old Continent.

The fact that the master studies in the University of Warsaw were so interesting she has chosen to study in Poland. - Master's Degree Studies is a program that has been recently created at the university (the program conducted by the Institute of Political Science. Classes are conducted in English - ed.). I'm very happy with it - says Anna.

Although still she has trouble with the Polish language, she finds herself very happy in our country. - It's the good relations with people, their openness that makes me feel comfortable in Poland - she says. This is proved by the numerous successes at the university. - As a Scholar of the Polish Government she went beyond the program requirements. Ms. Sugiyama received so far very good results in exams. Showed above-average activity participating in scientific conferences - in Poland and abroad - says by dr. Adam Szymanski from the Institute of Political Science.

Anna is also passionate about theater. – Ms. Anna joined the University of Warsaw's cultural life as a Kantaros theater animator at the Institute of Classical Philology, UW - adds dr. Szymanski.

And what she wants to do after graduation? - I would like to be a diplomat, but it's still long-range plans – she replies.

Fingers crossed!

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