Anton Komyza

Anton Komyza

student of economics and law at Lazarski University recommended by the prof. n. dr. Wojciech Bienkowski - at the Bachelor level.

When at the end of the school he decided to study abroad, he took into consideration a number of countries and universities. He wanted to broaden his horizons, look at the world from a different perspective. Poland was the country of first choice. Today, he is certain that it was a wise decision.

When asked why he chose Poland and economics in Lazarski, he replies: - From the first day of law school I thought about its influence on other aspects of life. This was one of the key reasons why I studied economics in Warsaw. I wanted to combine my knowledge of law with a thorough understanding of economics. Lazarski seemed attractive, because it offered study programs in English that have been certified by the University of Wales. It is also one of the best private universities in Poland, so I decided that this would be a good choice. I like that the university gives students many opportunities for development. I would especially like to thank the Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Management Prof. Wojciech Bieńkowski and Grazyna Drażba and Agata Jankowska.

Anton feels at home in Poland. He admires the Warsaw and Krakow. He likes soup, pastries and coffee latte in Coffee Heaven. However, his future plans in life is associated with other countries!

- I intend to continue my studies in Paris, I applied to several universities, including the UK and Switzerland. But these studies are expensive. However, I will apply for scholarships at each of these universities and will select the one that provide me with financial support. My future specialization will entail an analysis of economic policies and international trade. As a result, I'm going to work in international organizations. After Warsaw, Paris will be the next city in which I want to continue my career, and who knows, maybe there I will settle there - says Anton.

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