InterSTUDENT Competition Rules and Regulations

Mission of InterSTUDENT competition

The mission of the InterSTUDENT competition is to select, reward and promote best foreign students studying in Poland.


The organizer of InterSTUDENT Competition is “Perspektywy” Educational Foundation .


The competition InterSTUDENT is open to all foreign students (also with dual citizenship) at Polish universities and other higher education institutions both public and private. The competitor may be a student of higher vocational studies, master’s studies or doctoral studies.

The jury will select the foreign "school leaders" who are active in their academic environment, their attitude inspires colleagues to act and contribute to activities in their local communities. Every international student with good study results who enriches the student community by his or her social, ecological or sport activity, and helps build intercultural bridges is eligible.


In order to enter the InterSTUDENT competition a participant must fully complete the Questionnaire (in Polish or English) and send it to the organizers. Candidates may be nominated by a rector, dean, international officer, student organization or simply by friends of a deserving student.

Deadline for the competition entries is January 31, 2011. Questionnaires should be sent by e-mail or fax or post to:

Perspektywy Education Foundation
31 Nowogrodzka St.
00-511 Warsaw, Poland
e-mail: [email protected];
fax: +48 22 629 16 17


An eminent jury of professors, politicians and other stakeholders will identify the best submission (in three categories). Its decision will be considered as final. Organizers reserve a right to grant additional awards.


The winners ceremony will be held on February 24, 2011. Winners of the awards, prizes or honours should be prepared to talk to journalists or any media covering the competition. InterSTUDENT winners will receive prizes and diplomas.

Participants in the Competition are deemed to have fully understood and accepted all the regulations and entry form.