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MSc in Tourism and Leisure




2 years



ECTS points



Specialty International Tourism is dedicated to people who have their careers are associated with the wider travel industry, for whom communicating in English is obligatory. The program gives you the opportunity to complete their education in the area of ​​tourism, both to those who are actively working in the industry and those who would like to in the future to deal with something new. The program also allows you to improve business English, which is essential in international cooperation.
The program covers various aspects of tourism in the international environment, but also emphasizes the development of managerial skills. The purpose of the program is to prepare the modern manager who will be ready to face the challenges of a professional in the tourism industry.
Classes are conducted both by experienced academic staff, as well as people who have practical experience in various industries. Congresses are held only on weekends and allow you to combine learning with work. Items are arranged in blocks of four - workshops. The program of study is scheduled three-semester Master's seminar and the opportunity to improve their second language using the platform Rosette Stone.


Non-EU students and students not studying on terms binding Polish citizens: 8500 PLN


30 September


International Students Office, WSB University in Wrocław
Fabryczna Street 29-31
53-609 Wrocław
phone: +48 71 376 23 68
mobile: +48 660 506 805
e-mail: [email protected]
Skype: wsb-rekrutacja



WSB Universities Group in Wroclaw

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