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Collegium Civitas

Palace of Culture and Science,
12th floor
Plac Defilad 1
00-901 Warsaw, Poland
phone: +48 22 656 71 89
e-mail: [email protected]    internet:

BA in Sociology




3 years



ECTS points



Sociology deals with our (humans’) social environment and our relations with other people, space, institutions and organisations. It seeks answers to questions regarding new media. It investigates how social media influences relations and bonds between people. It looks into low turnout of voters, new urban movements and youth emigration. A sociologist may wonder who watches reality TV shows and why, or examine cultural participation and the significance people attach to food and fashion. Where do leaders come from? What can matrimonial ads tell us about changes in social customs and morality? What are the new standards of an ideal body? What is gender? How do forms of cohabitation change? Is the family really facing a crisis? Why is the Slow Life Movement growing in popularity? Sociology takes an interest in lifestyles. It teaches how to adjust a message to its recipient. How to recognise the target group of a product or a commercial. How to ask questions to obtain valuable answers, diagnose and anticipate trends. It shows how to solve social and marketing problems. How to reach agreement. Sociology helps us understand the world and feel at ease with it.
Sociological studies are address inquisitive people who are eager to know what is going on around them, why, and how.
The degree programme in Sociology provides students with extensive knowledge of social and marketing research, design and conduct, as well as data analysis. The students learn the characteristics of small social groups and macrostructures. They discover the origins of social inequality. They learn social communication theories and new media mechanisms. They gain a profound understanding of cultural anthropology and social psychology. The students develop their sociological imagination to become more insightful and conscious participants and creators of social life.
The courses are run by specialists in social science, sociologists of culture, both theorists and practitioners dealing with the media and social communication, as well as market and public opinion research.


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Summer intake 2016/2017 starts on April 6, 2016.
For international candidates the summer admissions deadline is July 31, 2016.
For the prospective students from the EU countries, the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Island, Norway, Switzerland, Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Montenegro, Serbia, the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Moldova, Turkey, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan the deadline is extended till September 5, 2016.
Beginning of courses is October 4, 2016 (full-time studies) and October 8, 2016 (part-time studies)


Collegium Civitas
Admissions Office
Pałac Kultury i Nauki (Palace of Culture and Science),
12th floor, room 1210
Plac Defilad 1
00-901 Warszawa
Email address: [email protected]



Collegium Civitas

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