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Somebody, using the name “Jen Lehman” has recently unlawfully pretended to represent “Study in Poland” recruiting students to Polish universities. Beware the person HAS NO RIGHT to use or refer to website

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Study in Poland - programme -

Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań

address: ul. Wieniawskiego 1
61-712 Poznań, Poland
phone: +48 61 829 43 85
+48 61 829 43 75
+48 61 829 44 75
e-mail: [email protected]    internet:

B.A. in English - Specialization: Teaching


B.A. in English


3 years (6 semesters)



ECTS points



Fulltime undergraduate studies (Teaching Track) last 6 semesters. The programme includes lectures, practical classes, tutorials and seminars. Students are required to undergo teacher training. The programme lists obligatory, supplemental, specialization and elective subjects. Students are required to get credits for the chosen subjects. Apart from the subjects listed in the programme, each new AMU student is required to complete courses in health and safety as well as Information and resource education (e-learning course), as well as pass a workshop in entrepreneurship.


Registration: 50 Euro
Tuition fee per year: 2 500 Euro


1 July 2017


Faculty of English
Adam Mickiewicz University
E-mail: [email protected]
Address: Al. Niepodległości 4, 61-874 Poznan, Poland
Phone: +48 61 829 35 06+48 61 829 35 06, +48 61 829 35 21+48 61 829 35 21
Fax: +48 61 852 31 03



Faculty of English Adam Mickiewicz University

education requirements

Final secondary school examination. Examination in advanced English

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