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University of Silesia in Katowice

address: Bankowa 12 St.
40-007 Katowice, Poland
phone: +48 32 359 21 83
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MA in Games and Virtual Reality Design, specialisation: Computer Games Graphics




2 years (4 semesters)



ECTS points



The main aim of the programme in Video Games and Virtual Reality Designing is to develop a Master’s Degree graduate prepared to conduct independent operations in the field of video games and virtual reality designing. With the knowledge and skills desired in the labour market, the graduate will get the possibility to work in the rapidly expanding interactive entertainment and video game market, as well as in advertising agencies and cultural institutions. Graduate’s broad competence will grant him a range of possibilities in his future professional activity.
The syllabus of the specialization Computer Games Graphics focuses on practice, familiarizing the student with the profession of a graphic designer. The specialization incorporates the competence in the field of artistic graphics and graphic designing. It emphases the knowledge of computer generated graphics workshop, especially the latest technologies of game designing (computer based 2D graphics and 3D animations, game engine and level designing, special effects, lighting, textures, frame manipulation, 3D modelling, object and character model manipulation, game’s world designing). The programme focuses also also on the ability to work with co-producers in the area of video games and interactive entertainment (scenarists, producers, programmers, etc.).
The graduate of the Video Games and Virtual Reality Designing programme receives a Master of Arts Degree and the competence necessary to work as a computer graphics designer. Rapidly growing video game industry suffers of staff deficiency since its very beginning. The market sector is characterized by the constantly increasing labour demand for the qualified specialists in the area of preproduction, production and postproduction of the interactive entertainment. Broad competences achieved during studies will provide the student with a range of possibilities in his future career.


EU/EFTA citizens applying on a regular basis – no tuition fee, 150 PLN – application fee;
Non-EU/EFTA citizens: 6 400 EUR per year + 100 EUR – application fee.


July, 15th


International Students Admissions Office,
[email protected]



Faculty of Fine Arts and Music

education requirements

The candidate applying for studies has gathered a knowledge, skills and social competence necessary to undertake MA studies on the programme, especially:
• Individual artistic interests,
• Knowledge of history and theory of arts,
• Knowledge of current video game market,
• Knowledge of English (B2 level at least).
Qualification procedure:
I – BA diploma contest
Certain degrees on the diplomas are awarded by points (according to Polish scale):
• Very good (5) – 10 pts,
• Good plus (4.5) – 8 pts,
• Good (4) – 6 pts,
• Satisfactory plus (3.5) – 4 pts,
• Satisfactory – 2 pts.
II – Review and assessment of portfolios
The portfolios are reviewed in the presence of the candidate and should contain up to 20 artistic of his works on diverse topics. The photographic or electronic documentation of candidate’s other works.
Assessment: 1 to 10 points (4 or more to pass).
III - Interview on the history and theory of art, anthropology of culture and knowledge of current video game market.
Assessment: 1 to 20 points (7 or more to pass).
Not reaching the pass requirements disqualifies the candidate from the diploma contest.
During the review of portfolios the candidate may present up to 5 large works of drawing and 5 paintings (larger than 50x70 cm). Additionally, presentation of drawing and painting sketches, concept arts, illustrations, animations, 3D graphics, collages, etc. is permitted. The sketchbook por binder is treated as a single work. In case of digital 2D works it is necessary to provide source files (work steps, layers, files in .psd format). The works to be presented should be saved as .jpg or .pdf. Animations and movies should be saved as .mp4, .avi, .mov, .wmv.
In case of 3D works it is necessary to provide source files or/and objects in .obj or .fbx format, as well as textures. The works may be opened via 3dsMax 2014, Maya 2014, Zbrusk4r7 and Mudbox 2014.
In case the candidate wishes to present more of his works, it is necessary that the commission is informed before the review.
In case the candidates does not show of at the time specified in the schedule, he may not be allowed to take part in the portfolio review.

other requirements

The candidate is also required to submit the medical certificate confirming no contradictions to undertaking studies on the programme in the Dean’s Office in the Institute of Arts.