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Study in Poland - programme -

Graduate School for Social Research (GSSR)

address: Nowy Świat 72
00-330 Warsaw, Poland
phone: + 48 22 657 28 78
e-mail: [email protected]    internet:

PhD Programme (full time)





ECTS points

In each of the first two years of the PhD programme students will be expected to take 5 courses per year. Six credits will be awarded per 30 hour course.
In the third and fourth years of the PhD programme students will be expected to complete at leas


The PhD programme lasts four years – the maximum period for such a programme normally allowed by Polish law (limited additional time is permitted for students interrupting their studies for the various reasons clearly specified in Ministerial regulations). Students spend only two of their four years as doctoral students attending taught courses, devoting the remaining two years entirely to research.
Students conduct studies according to their own choice of courses. Courses of lectures and seminars available in the given academic year are listed in the School Catalogue. Students select courses by completing the declaration / registration form to be submitted to the School Office by the published deadline. From the second year of studies onwards, the selection of courses requires the approval of the student’s thesis supervisor or tutor. With the written agreement of the Director of the school students may – where necessary for their studies – take courses outside GSSR/CSS.
In the first two years of the PhD programme students will be expected to take 5 courses per year with a minimum average mark of 3,5. Courses can be chosen from those taken also by students following the MA programme, or from additional courses offered solely for PhD students. Students may also audit courses (i.e. attend but not for credit).
In the third and fourth years of the PhD programme students need not take any courses. However, if they choose to do so in order to maintain a broader range of interests than strictly encompassed by their PhD topic, they may take further courses for credit.


Students admitted from Poland and other EU countries do not have to pay the fee for full-time doctoral studies at GSSR.
Non-EU students do not have to pay the Registration Fee.
The fee for each year of PhD studies at GSSR for the candidates from all non-EU countries is 11000 PLN.
Financial aid policy:
• partial tuition fee waivers (up to 75%) – for full-time non-EU students – available;
• A limited number of stipends for academic excellence are awarded each year to new students regardless of the applicant’s country/region;
• Bohdan Solchanyk Stipends - awarded to students from the former Soviet Union in memory of GSSR graduate Bohdan Solchanyk.


Contact the Unit


tel. (48 22) 6572 878;
[email protected]



Graduate School for Social Research (GSSR)

education requirements

Any graduate of a Polish or foreign higher education institution with the degree of magisterium or its equivalent may apply to doctoral studies at the Graduate School for Social Research (GSSR). Students who have not yet been awarded the magisterium degree or equivalent may be conditionally accepted to the programme. The Director of the School will specify the maximum period for which a student may enjoy conditional status before presenting proof of award of the necessary degree.
Admission to the GSSR depends only on the applicants’ academic qualifications, research skills, and their command of English. Admission is not determined by the subject background of the candidate.
Applications from candidates with research interest in the following areas are however particularly welcome:
• Social structure
• Methodology
• Social institutions
• Culture
• Comparative analysis in social sciences
• Public policy
Good candidates with interest in other areas of sociology and philosophers are also encouraged to apply.
Knowledge of the English language is one of the basic conditions for admission to the doctoral studies at GSSR. During the individual interviews each candidate has to display a level of knowledge of the English language allowing them to conduct research and take part in classes held in that language.

other requirements

Applicants are required to submit the following documents:
• Completed application form
• Master’s Degree diploma or an equivalent certificate of graduation or an official document from the applicant’s university stating when the defense is due
• Letter of recommendation from the applicant’s masters’ thesis supervisor or from a person who is familiar with academic or professional abilities of the applicant
• Curriculum Vitae
• A concise description of your planned research stating your research question, how you plan to conduct your research, and the theoretical relevance of your expected findings (NB it is not a requirement at GSSR , as it is in some countries that your research generate practical policy recommendations)
• Official transcript or record of the applicant’s university work (the transcript is defined as an official document issued by your university, which lists all courses completed and grades received during your studies)
• Photocopy of passport (in the case of Polish applicants: photocopy of ID card)
• Confirmation of payment of the application fee (200 PLN or equivalent in USD or EUR). The fee is waived for candidates from non-EU countries
• 2 photographs
• Certificates other than required (summer schools, conferences, workshops)

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