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Study in Poland - programme -

Bialystok University of Technology

address: Wiejska 45A St.
15-351 Białystok, Polska
phone: +48 85 746 70 20
e-mail:    internet:

MSc in Landscape Architecture




3 semesters



ECTS points



The programme of the studies allows the students to obtain the detailed and advanced knowledge of different aspects related to landscape architecture. It includes the following subjects: landscape history, landscape architecture, landscape engineering, climate, environmental monitoring, protective landscape architecture, integrated design I and II, 3D modelling, landscape information systems, street green design, rural areas landscape design, urban areas landscape design, thesis seminar.


2500 EUR/year


1st of December-15th of January


International Relations Office;
Faculty coordinator:



Faculty of Civill and Environmental Engineering, Bialystok University of Technology

education requirements

Bachelor’s Diploma and Transcript of Records, English certificate or formal letter confirming that the previous education was conducted fully in English

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