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University of Lodz

address: Uniwersytecka 3
90-137 Łódź
phone: +48 42 635 42 37
e-mail: [email protected]    internet:

American Studies, specialization in International and Political Studies, BA




6 semesters



ECTS points

183 ECTS


The program of Bachelor studies in the field of American Studies is aimed at providing students with basic knowledge about issues related to North American and Latin American societies, politics, culture and media. Students therefore gain interdisciplinary knowledge, allowing them to understand both the specifics of the United States and Latin American countries, their involvement in the problems of the modern world in a political, cultural and economic context. The program is characterised by comprehensive nature and aims to thoroughly familiarize students with worldviews characteristic of the Americas and equip them with practical skills of orienting in American issues, in all its aspects.


The charge of 2500 PLN/year applies for Polish and the EU/EFTA citizens.
2500 EUR/year for students from outside the EU/EFTA, exclusive of an additional 120 EUR charge that covers registration fee (for students of Polish origin the tuition is reduced by 50%).


15 July 2018


Faculty of International and Political Studies
ul. Składowa 43
90-127 Łódź (POLAND)
tel.: (+48 42) 63 54 265
faks: (+48 42) 66 55 687
e-mail: [email protected]



Faculty of International and Political Studies

education requirements

A high school diploma, a transcript of records showing the subjects/grades and a certificate of proficiency in English for foreigners (unless the secondary education was taught in English) are required. For detailed information about the admission procedure please visit:

The course will open provided approved by the Senat of UL. Please be aware that minimum number of candidates is required to launch the programme.