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The University of Gdansk

address: Bażynskiego 8 Str.
80-309 Gdansk, Poland
phone: +48 725 991 119
e-mail: [email protected]    internet:

Social Innovation and Solidarity Studies, MA




2 years (4 semesters)



ECTS points



University of Gdansk (UG) and European Solidarity Centre (ECS) Innovation based on Solidarity ethics has the potential to transform the lives of the displaced, excluded or underprivileged as well as to alleviate social problems of the developed communities. The proposed course addresses the real need for supporting emerging change-makers with the educational background to initiate and lead in both the corporate and the III sector characterized by increasing diversity and instability. University of Gdansk and European Solidarity Centre will provide students with the tools to diagnose specific community needs. The students will explore the contextual sources of resistance to change and through the lens of Solidarity ethics, evaluate alternative business models and to implement social innovation. Students will engage in multidisciplinary and intercultural teams creatively solving real life problems. They will be challenged and facilitated by leading community leaders to tackle the issues facing business and society, explore international perspectives, and engage with Solidarity and relevant research on collaborative movements to strengthen their understanding of the political economy, education and social entrepreneurship. The course includes the following theoretical and practical modules:
Solidarity Ethics
Socio-economic aspect of collaboration and equity
The Politics and Pedagogies of Social Change
Intercultural Psychology
Movements and Community Leadership
Innovation Design and Research Methodology
Social Entrepreneurship Models
Micro-finance and Crowd-sourcing
Management of Social Impact Projects
Elective innovation camps, seminars and lectures from UG and ECS visiting professors
Most of courses will be team-facilitated by UG, ECS professors and leading social (e.g. ASHOKA) entrepreneurs. The methods will include case-studies, social hatcheries or venture launches. Students will be expected to be engaged in team researched and developed project of local or global social impact which will be evaluated by program leaders.



Admission Application from May to October


ul. Jana Bazynskiego 8
80-309 Gdansk, Poland
+48 58 523 3171 +48 725 991 119, [email protected]
Non-EU students
[email protected] +48 58 523 2556
EU students
[email protected] +48 58 523 2531



University of Gdansk: Faculty of Social Sciences European Solidarity Centre (ECS)

education requirements

Bachelor/Master Degree Diploma
Transcript of Records
Secondary School Diploma
Language certificate in English (at least B2 level)