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The University of Gdansk

address: Bażynskiego 8 Str.
80-309 Gdansk, Poland
phone: +48 725 991 119
e-mail: [email protected]    internet:

European Business Administration, BA




3 years (6 semesters)



ECTS points



Studies in European Business Administration offer a chance to acquire knowledge, competences, and skills in: international economy, international and European commercial law, the EU legal and administrative system, European banking, international and European law relating to electronic businesses, international and European tax law, international business arbitration, the basics of enterprise and many other subjects.
- If you want to understand the world around you, in which law and administration play a decisive role,
- if you want gain knowledge and unique abilities that will make it possible for you to move freely within the European and international economy,
- if you want to have a real influence on the world you live in, and not just be passive in the face of processes of change,
- if you want to be a business leader,
- if you’ve got to this point … our course of studies is for you.
European Business Administration is an up-to-date course of studies that deals with the challenges of the twenty-first century. In three years of studies you will learn the secrets of the world of business and administration, and will broaden your horizons.
As a graduate of European Business Administration you will be well prepared to work in local public administration and international institutions on international, UE and national levels. In addition, the knowledge, competences, and skills you have acquired will mean that you can enter the world of business and function in it on a European and international level. Graduates take advantage of excellent language skills acquired during the studies as well as good knowledge of international realities as the courses are presenting multinational perspective on functioning of administration. As a result, our graduates are much sought after by companies operating in European and international markets.



Admission Application from May to October


International Office
ul. Jana Bazynskiego 8
80-309 Gdansk, Poland
+48 58 523 3171 +48 725 991 119, [email protected]
Non-EU students
[email protected] +48 58 523 2556
EU students
[email protected] +48 58 523 2531



University of Gdansk: Faculty of Law and Administration

education requirements

Secondary School Diploma
Language certificate in English (at least B2 level)