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Intercultural Communication in Europe




2 academic years



ECTS points

120 ECTS, 92,5 ECTS (77%) dedicated to the humanities, 27,5 ECTS- (23%) dedicated to the social sciences


The MA study programme Intercultural Communication in Europe provides the fundamental knowledge of the humanities on the basis of Russian language.
The foundation of an educational process is a communicative and cross-cultural competence of the graduates. They also will gather complex knowledge in the area of international relations.
The main aim of the programme is an active educational and cultural activity which should support:
1. Establishing an intercultural dialogue
2. Raising the level of intercultural competence
3. Increasing the status of Russian language among the international students
The extensive knowledge of culturological disciplines prepares the graduates to accomplish a wide range of professional tasks.
Graduates of the second-cycle Intercultural communication in Europe will:
- use theoretical knowledge productively at work to cope with cross-cultural and multi-national challenges.
- possess sufficient knowledge of: a culture space in Europe, the relationships between language, history and culture of the nations, functioning and a place of the culture in the community, a cultural character of European countries.
- take advantage of the system of representations connected with intercultural communication
- acquire skills and competences which they can use in their professional work in the areas of intercultural communication.
Potential career opportunities
Job which requires not only theoretical and practical intercultural preparation, but also ability to establish and manage a communicative process by the intercultural dialogue participant.
Intercultural Communication specialist enables the participants of the intercultural communication to collaborate effectively as well as to maintain unique values typical for the members of specific cultures


Coordinator: Prof. Iwona Anna Ndiaye
+ 48 606 719 496, [email protected]


30 June 2017


University of Warmia and Mazury
Institute of Eastern Slavonic Studies
Street Kurta Obitza 1
10-725 Olsztyn
phone number+ 48 524 63 36



University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn

education requirements

MA study programme Intercultural communication in Europe is intended for candidates who hold a Bachelor’s Degree diploma and have a fluent command of Russian language.