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Somebody, using the name “Jen Lehman” has recently unlawfully pretended to represent “Study in Poland” recruiting students to Polish universities. Beware the person HAS NO RIGHT to use or refer to website

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Study in Poland - programme -

SWPS University of Social Sciences and Humanities

address: Ul. Chodakowska 19/31
03-815 Warszawa, Poland
phone: +48 22 517 96 00
e-mail: [email protected]    internet:

MA in Creative Writing





ECTS points



Creative Writing is a unique Master’s program in English Studies aimed at candidates seeking development of creative potential and practical writing skills to be applied in the areas of media content creation, screenwriting, literary creation, game content design and journalism. It also offers a solid foundation of theoretical knowledge in cultural and literary studies with focus on critical analysis and expression.
Graduates are granted a Master of Arts Degree in English Studies. The Creative Writing specialization is noted in the Diploma Supplement


Full-Time Studies for the academic year
1 installment 9000 PLN
Part-Time Studies for the academic year
1 installment 9000 PLN


Contact the Unit


Mgr Paweł Pyrka
Institute of English Studies
ul. Chodakowska 19/31
03-815 Warsaw, Poland
[email protected]



University of Social Sciences and Humanities

education requirements

Detailed instructions are on the website

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